Everything here is handmade just for you.

Hi there my name is Mark, thank you for taking the time to stop by and get to know a little more about FourAcreWoodsUS

The Name:
FourAcreWoodsUS is inspired by growing up in the best place there is next to Winnie the Pooh’s hundred-acre woods. Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains I developed a passion for woodworking. When I moved to North Carolina I bought my own 4 acres where I have been creating my own enchanted neighborhood. So welcome to the FourAcreWoodsUS neighborhood, neighbor.

 About me: 
I am 53 years old/young, a jack of all trades, working full-time at a vineyard. Woodworking has always been a hobby of mine. I also don’t like wasting things. I enjoy knowing that rather than cutting a tree down to create something, I am in some little way honoring the tree that already fell or needed to be trimmed. Creating something new form something old is challenging, rewarding and often surprising to even me.

The Shop:
Of course, we all want to make money, but for me it’s about sharing what I have with others at a price I myself would pay. I also want to help out fellow crafters and hobbyists get the supplies they need to complete their special project or event. I am not trying to get rich, just get by, as someday I would love to retire and just create all day.

My Sister also has a love of crafting and has joined the neighborhood offering her unique creations. We hope you enjoy your visit, and look forward to making creations you may enjoy in your home for years to come. All input and donations will be greatly appreciated. We especially enjoy seeing what others make with their items. Custom orders are available so contact Mark for details and thank you for visiting FourAcreWoodsUS where we'd like to treat everyone as our good neighbor

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