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Shipping to United States: $6.00

Shipping time extended due to custom order requests. Please remember, each piece is an individual custom art piece from me to you. I am a one-man show and in order to maintain the quality of workmanship I strive to ensure you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
I've recently gone up on the price by 50 cents but I am offering the finish for free polyurethane and seed oil any one of them your choice.

I can make any *scale size you need for your project so please contact me before you order

When you place your order unless you provide a **branch I will select a branch. I then mill that branch into the wood needed to build your custom bench. It is a time consuming process to go from tree to bench, but it also makes it a one of a kind process and finished bench. I look forward to getting into the FourAcreWoods Mill to create your one of a kind bench.

We have had something amazing happen here at FourAcreWoodsUS we have been
contacted by Ashley Rooney & Barbara Purchia about being in their new upcoming book
Magical Fairy homes and gardens in 6 to 8 weeks, This is an amazing opportunity for us and I
want to give thanks to Ashley and Brenda for giving FourAcreWoodsUS is awesome
opportunity to be in their book. https://www.facebook.com/FairyHomesandGardens/

-Boiled Linseed Oil
-Red-tint polyurethane

*Scale Information:

1:12 AKA Dollhouse Scale / Classic scale
1 inch = 1 foot real life

Action figures model cars
1:16 Scale AKA 3/4 Scale
¾ inch = 1 foot real life

1:24 Scale AKA ½ scale
½ inch = 1 foot real life

**If you have a tree in your life that holds a special memory and would like a bench made out of it. Contact me with detailed information and pictures of your branch. I will contact you and we can create a one of a kind memory bench for you.

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The good quality was surprising. Well made wooden bench.

Absolutely Gorgeous!!!

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