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Shipping to United States: $6.00

I have a special order that has come in that is going to take me a few weeks to complete so shipping time may be even longer. I will keep you up to date if you choose to order.
The One of a kind picnic tables and benches are all truly handmade you will not find another one like it on the internet.
Thank you for your patience
Please remember each order is custom made for that person there are no two likely . I am a one-man show and in order to keep the quality that I prefer I needed to extend shipping to be fair to you my customers. Thank you for your patience.
This miniature wooden bench is made from tree branches cut into wooden planks & drilled and put together with wooden pegs and glue. Handcrafted from start to finish. The one you see in the pictures is not the one you will receive it will be built the same but it will not be exactly like the one you see in the picture. I have added some photos of custom work that I have done anything is possible.

If you have a certain scale that you need a bench built .
Please let me know I will build it to fit your scale.
We have had something amazing happen here at FourAcreWoodsUS we have been
contacted by Ashley Rooney & Barbara Purchia about being in their new upcoming book
Magical Fairy homes and gardens in 6 to 8 weeks, This is an amazing opportunity for us and I
want to give thanks to Ashley and Brenda for giving FourAcreWoodsUS is awesome
opportunity to be in their book. https://www.facebook.com/FairyHomesandGardens/

-Boiled Linseed Oil
-Red-tint polyurethane

*Scale Information:

1:12 AKA Dollhouse Scale / Classic scale
1 inch = 1 foot real life

Action figures model cars
1:16 Scale AKA 3/4 Scale
¾ inch = 1 foot real life

1:24 Scale AKA ½ scale
½ inch = 1 foot real life

**If you have a tree in your life that holds a special memory and would like a bench made out of it. Contact me with detailed information and pictures of your branch. I will contact you and we can create a one of a kind memory bench for you.

Each miniature wooden bench is hand crafted from start to finish. When you place your order, I will select branches out of stock that have been drying and are ready to be used. (no trees cut or harmed in process) I will process each piece in the FourAcreWoods Miniatures Wood Mill, and create usable log planks to create your very own one of a kind miniature wooden bench. All joints are wooden dowels with a touch of glue, no nails, screws, or staples. These are not cookie cuter wooden benches , they are hand constructed with quality and care. A miniature wooden bench would be a one of a kind unique gift for all.  No two are alike.

10 star for kindness, courtesy and so much help

Super cute!! High quality as well.

Great quality craftsmanship. Looks great in my fairy garden.

Beautiful work / fine craftsmanship - sturdy and well proportioned and will last a long time in my fairy garden.

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